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Yoga Instruction

From the absolute beginner interested in learning the foundations of yoga and meditation, to more experienced yogis/yoginis looking to refine and expand their sadhana, I can customize your experience to help you achieve your goals.

Private and semi-private lessons available.


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Yoga Therapy

An excellent adjunct therapy for healing of physical, mental, and emotional issues. Yogic theory has it that unresolved experiences can alter our well being by manifesting in the body (mental, physical etc.) and adversely affecting our energetic movement. Yoga therapy facilitates this movement and helps achieve healing and balance in ourselves and lives.

To learn more, contact Kevin.


Clyde and I
Clyde and I

Yoga with Horses

Yoga with horses..?! yes! (No experience with horses needed)

Level 1: Step into another dimension of yoga. Explore your relationship with your
world and energy with the horse as the mirror and witness. Bring your focus and awareness to new levels while doing postures alongside these magnificent, intuitive animals.

Level 2: Deepen and intensify your awareness and focus as we mount up!Attention increases and expands while simultaneously bringing clarity. Explore the deeper bonds between horse and human as you move through a gentle posture series.

*Yoga with horses retreats are held at Mt Leopard Wellness Retreat Center 45 minutes outside of Jackson, Mississippi.


Learn the foundations of meditation in a serene location conducive to inward reflection and stillness. Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, Improve sleep and enhance overall mood. Learn techniques such as: Zazen (Zen), japa meditation (prayer beads), MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) and yoga nidra (yogic guided meditation). Meditate regularly to improve the quality and clarity of your life.


Yoga Retreats at Mt. Leopard Wellness and Retreat Center:

Come to Mt. Leopard to reconnect with nature and yourself. Situated in the rolling hills about 45 minutes outside of Jackson, Mississippi, Mt. Leopard is a secluded, working, 300+ acre equine therapy ranch. Renew your commitment to yourself and your path, deepen your practice, or begin a new one. Please visit our website for more details or contact Kevin.